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About Béliveau & Associés inc.

Claude Béliveau, A.V.C.

Conseiller en sécurité financière
Conseiller en assurance et rentes collectives

As a conseiller en sécurité financière
conseiller en assurance et rentes collectives, my mission is to build a financial security plan tailored to help meet your specific needs. I’m dedicated to understanding your goals and providing you with the professional financial security advice needed to help you achieve those goals.

Whether purchasing a home, financing a child’s education or retiring comfortably, your goals are specific to you – and your financial security plan should be tailored to your needs.

I’ll help you understand the choices to be made and the products available to help build a financial security plan to achieve your personal or business goals. And once your plan is in place, I’ll continue to work with you by reviewing your financial security plan from time to time with you to help ensure you’re still on track to achieving your goals.

Client service

I know that personal service is key to helping you find the right solution for your financial security needs. If you have questions about your financial security plan or specific financial products, contact me and we can set up a time to meet. We can discuss my services, review your specific needs and address any questions you may have. Contact me today.

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